Olympus PEN E-PL7 review

Olympus PEN E-PL7 review

after is a £20 top, but a camera that costs hundreds? I made sure I did my research before hopping on that band wagon. But, needless to say, I did end up on that band wagon, and so after months of using and abusing the camera I've decided to do my own little review and give you guys a few tips and tricks on how to make your Olympus PEN E-PL7 that little bit better.

Last year the Olympus OEN E-PL7 was at the top of every bloggers wish list. In fact, it was so high in demand on the internet  that it pretty much became known as the 'camera that all the bloggers had'. You now how it goes. You see one of your favourite bloggers using something, a few days later you find yourself wanting the exact same thing. That's fine when the thing you're 


Let's not beat around the bush here - the Olympus PEN E-PL7 looks pretty great. I mean, when I'm not taking Instagram pictures using the camera I'm actually taking pictures of the thing. There aren't many cameras that I'd consider overly 'Instagrammable' but this one really brings it. And whilst that might not be the most important thing in the world, it definitely helps when you photograph every aspect of your life. Okay, so onto the more important part - the build quality. Before buying the PEN I was dubious that it was just a gimmicky camera made for flatlay fanatics. Which it kind of is, but it also does a whole lot more (I'll get onto that later). The Olympus PEN however, is nothing but gimmicky in terms of quality. The kit lens that comes with the camera is sturdy and the glass on the lens itself is impermeable to clumsy idiots like me.


Unlike most on the go cameras, the Olympus PEN has interchangeable lenses - and a lot of them. I'm still plodding along nicely with the lens that came with the kit (the 14-42mm) but I've heard great things about the 45mm and the 17mm. Of course, a major selling point for the camera is the pull out selfie screen. I mean, my selfie game has pretty much increased by about 500% since buying the PEN, but thats not even the best part about it. The 'selfie' screen makes flatlay images easier than ever - especially if your'e lacking in the height department like I am. Since it flips out at both angles it allow you to hold the camera above whatever it is you're shooting whilst still being able to see how the image looks. 



Probably one of my favourite things about this camera is the speed that you can transfer your files to your phone. It's so god damn quick, and perfect for anyone on the go. All you do is snap away, turn on your PENs wi-fi, then you simply connect to it on your phone, open up the app and voila! The same goes for remote shooting, only I'd suggest perhaps staying away from that function for long periods of time, unless you want your battery drained in an instant.


Quality & ease of use

The last but arguably most important part about the PEN is the quality of the photos and how easy it is to use the camera. I've never really trusted automatic settings on a camera, but the quality of the PENs auto functions are almost fault-less. If I want to take a 'real' photo, I'll use my Canon DSLR, but if I want to snap something quickly for Instagram or if I'm simply on the go then the PEN works wonders. A few clicks of the brightness button, one snap of the capture button and voila. The pictures end up so crisp and so vivid in colour that they barely need touching up at all. And if you want to use manual settings and get a seriously professional photo, you 100% can. The best of both worlds.


Another perk about the Olympus PEN is the size. Sure, it's not as handbag friendly as every other compact camera out there, but it makes a nice in-between camera if you want either an all-rounder or something you can take around with you with ease as opposed to lugging around a big fat DSLR. Better yet, 
Olympus also recently brought out camera bags that look more like handbags than anything else, as well as shoulder straps to match your camera (I've got my eye on the mint green one), so they really have covered all their bases in the blogger dept.

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