Camel Coat & Chelsea Boots

Cocochic Outfit Camel Coat Style Black Boots

Hello internet! Long time no see / fancy seeing you here / come here often? You take your pick on the cheesy introduction, but my personal favourite is the classic 'how you doin'?' inspired by the great Joey Tribbiani. Aaand this post has instantly become weird. Moving swiftly on..

Recently I've fallen back in love with masculine shapes and what I guess you could call man-repelling layers - although thankfully for me I already have a boyfriend that's seen me at my worst, so a few knitted sweater combos is hardly going to make a difference. We shot this outfit a couple of weeks ago before the UK Ice Age hit, and - after living in thermal socks and onesies lately - the idea of having even an inch of ankle on show almost seems like a luxury.

These Daniel Doriago boots have pretty much become my go-to shoe for just about anything, and the coat? Still my best H&M buy to date at just £20 in the sale. Shout out to my cat Michael for pissing on it last night too. Le sigh.

What's your go to winter weather outfit?


H&M Camel Coat (similar here)
T by Alexander Wang v neck (budget option here)
French Connection slacks (also here)
Daniel Doriago Boots (60% off!)

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