Fleur of England Scarlet Boudoir Bra

Fleur of England Boudoir Bra
Fleur of England

I'll let you in on a little secret here: I'm a granny pantie sorta gal. No frills, no pieces of lacy string up in, um, areas - just pure comfort over everything, much like the rest of my wardrobe choices. Basically, if it looks like something Bridget Jones would wear (prior to her latest raunchy book which I'm yet to read) then I'll take ten of em. 

But you know what? Sometimes it's fun to get a lil dressed up when you're dressing down (if you know what I mean..) and that's where Fleur of England come into play with their super-luxe lingerie. I've had the pleasure of adorning - and adoring - a few of their pieces, but this Scarlet set comes out on top for me. It's the perfect amount of sexy, yet with a little bit of comfort thrown in for good measure - AKA the best Valentine's gift of all? Sorry granny panties - there's a new kid on the block, and it comes in the form of a satin lace bra.

What do you think of the Fleur of England range?


Fleur of England Scarlet Boudoir Bra
Fleur of England Scarlet Silk Brief