25 Random Facts About Me

25 Random Facts About Me

SOMETIMES it's nice to take a step back from fashion and get a little bit more personal. I've seen this tag floating around the interwebz for years now, so I thought it was about time I got inolved. Want to know my deepest and darkest secrets (kinda)? Keep on scrollin'.

1. Before blogging I worked as a manager on a beauty counter - on my 20th birthday I decided to quit my job and start a blog. Thank God it paid off.
2. A lot of people that don't know me think I'm slightly Spanish or Italian, but I'm actually just 100% Cornish. We're now considered a minority, apparently.
3. I'm obsessed with doing jigsaws, to the point that I lose sleep over them.
4. I have a real gutter mouth - swearing is probably my worst habit.
5. In fact, my first word as a kid was bugger (a British swear word) - I assure you I was brought up well.
6. I love DIY - putting together IKEA furniture is probably one of my favourite hobbies.
7. Despite having a website practically dedicated to my face, I actually get really awkward when having my photo taken - all tagged pictures on Facebook are hidden for a reason.
8. I used to be a real Tumblr gal, and I was one of the first 24 bloggers to go away to New York Fashion Week with them. I wanna go back!
9. I've been a qualified hairdresser since my teens, yet getting my hair done terrifies me.
10. I watch Youtube videos on a daily basis - my favourites are Essie Button (Reggie = swoon) and Vivianna Does Makeup - which is why I kind of want to start my own channel soon.
11. I try so hard to be spontaneous, but I always end up planning every second of my day. If I don't write a to-do list nothing ever gets done.
12. I put absolutely zero cold water in my baths - even if the heat practically burns my skin off. I spend around two hours in there and end up looking like a tomato.
13. Nothing makes me happier than having someone tickle my back.
14. I'm not really much of a kid-lover, but I treat my seventeen-year-old cat like an actual baby. We spoon a lot.
15. If I'm ever at a blogging event my first pit-stop is the snacks. In fact, that's where you'll probably find me for most of the night.
16. I have a tattoo of a feather on my ribcage. So unique, right?
17. I can (and always have been able to) say the alphabet backwards. It's kind of my - really dull - party trick.
18. I don't really drink that often, but whenever I do I get really drunk off of one glass of wine. I'm a cheap date.
19. I was a full blown emo/goth growing up. I'm talking (a lot) of facial piercings, black hair, loud music, etc etc. Must be where the leather obsession came from.
20. Certain voices really relax me - turns out it's called ASMR and there's a whole community on Facebook dedicated to it. High five for abnormalities?
21. I drink so much milky tea (two sugars!) and coffee, despite the fact that I'm lactose-intolerant. Cheese is also one of my favourite foods.
22. My boyfriend - who I met on Facebook - and I have been together for almost two years. He's in a fairly big alternative band called Vales and left me for two months (!!) near the beginning of our relationship to tour America. 
23. I'm a lot shorter than I look in photos. I'm 5"3 and forever wishing I was taller.
24. I get so into watching TV series. Right now I'm making my way through Homeland, but once I'm done I'll need something else to watch. Any suggestions?
25. My boyfriend is buying me a BMX this month - expect broken bones and a lot of bruises in future blog posts.

Leave a random fact about yourself below! The weirder the better.

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