The pros and cons of being your own boss

Pros and cons of being your own boss
Pros and cons of being your own boss
Pros and cons of being your own boss

Say the word 'freelance' to anyone and they instantly think of fun times in your pyjamas, making up your own rules and sleeping in till late - at least, that's the experience I've had anyway. But fact is, working for yourself - just like most things in life - has both it's ups and downs. Sure, being your own boss beats any 9-5 job in retail (which I've had my fair share of) but all of this freedom comes at a price. Even so, I wouldn't change it for the world.

The Pros

You can be flexible: This is probably one of the biggest perks as it means you can adjust your day to your needs - or just an order of preference. Sure, things have to get done by a certain time, but if I have to head out for an appointment one day I know it won't completely screw with my day.

There's no specific work routine: I'll forever suck at early mornings, but just because I don't get up at 6am every morning doesn't mean I'm not getting things done. The evening is (annoyingly) my most productive time, so once the lights go down I start a-typin'!

You're the boss: It sounds obvious, but when you're the boss you really are the boss. If I want to head out at 3pm to run some errands I can, and if I want to watch Orange Is The New Black whilst writing blog posts (ahem, like right now) then the only person I have to ask is myself. Usually I say yes.

You can choose your surroundings: In the past month I've changed my 'office' space at least five different times - from sofa, to coffee shop, to my brand new desk! If the suns out, I no longer have to stay inside a stuffy office and instead I can catch a tan as I type! #dreamjob

You have no limits: Nothing is more soul crushing than being unable to fulfil your potential because of your job. When you're working for yourself, if you want to do more, you can, if you want to do less, you can do that too. The sky is the limit!

The Cons

You over-plan your day: There have been so many times where I've sat at my desk in the morning, writing down everything I'd like to complete by the evening. Once I've done the washing, made breakfast, replied to my emails and had a shower it's somehow 3pm and I realise I've accomplished nothing.

Wi-fi is very important: And I mean very important. If there's no internet connection there's no way for me to get the job done, which means a lot of angry calls to my service provider. Top tip: Schedule posts a few days in advance to prepare for nightmares like these.

Things can get lonely: I love being by myself, but sometimes I find myself feeling a bit isolated throughout the day - especially when Ollie and my friends are out at work. I combat this by making one of my 'days off' the same as Ollie's each week, so we can hang out together.

You feel guilty for relaxing: Whenever I'm taking a break I'm always thinking of all the productive things I could have been doing instead. Last night I went to the cinema and all I could think about was how many emails I needed to reply to..oops!

It's all on you: There's no boss or assistant to blame when you work for yourself - if you make a mistake it's all on you. If you're ill, you have to be the one to catch upn work. Then again, the same can be said about praises - you can take all the credit!

Do any of you guys work freelance? How do you find it?

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