The new French Connection collection

French connection outfit
French connection outfit

As you're reading this I'll probably still be on my coach to London. The one down side about living in the countryside? The amount of time it takes to get me to the big city. I've gone from living right around the corner to now being - wait for it - seven hours away. Seven! Seven hours there, seven hours back - without wi-fi, might I add. So for the next 24 hours it'll be me, my mobile data and a lot of tube stops. But that's not all I'll be doing - think an entire day full of breakfast meetings (emphasis on the word breakfast), reuniting with old friends and spending a good portion of my time on Oxford Street. Shopping is definitely on the agenda, but the main clue to why I'm visiting lies in these photos. Four words: French Connection launch party.

I grew up with the idea of French Connection mostly catering to the older generation, but these guys have been killing it with their latest AW14 collection. Think minimalistic basics, tailored suits and a lot of leather - aka everything I could ever want in a brand. Don't believe me? Check out their latest launches here. Drool buckets at the ready!

Boxy t-shirt from French Connection
Peg leg trousers from French Connection
Snapback from Brixton (stolen from the boy)
Shoes from Vans