Re-discovering my Grafea backpack

Grafea backpack outfit
Grafea backpack outfit
Grafea backpack outfit

There's nothing I love more than shopping my own wardrobe. In our new place, space is pretty limited, so I've had to put away a lot of my lesser-worn clothes and accessories for a while - one of them being my Grafea rucksack, which I just recently re-discovered. I feel like this beauty pretty much saved this outfit from being one of the boring #ootds on the internet, so for that, I thank you, little bag.

What have you recently re-discovered in your wardrobe?

Long sleeve by Alexander Wang (cheaper option here)
Leather sweat pants from Addison (cheaper here)
Jacket (around waist) from W Concept
Black trainers from Vans
Backpack from Grafea (also here)