New It Must Bijoux jewels

It Must Bijoux

Excuse the late night post (#badblogger) but lately I've been working full-pelt on something I've been wanting to do for a really long time. But alas! Now is not the time to divulge in such affairs, and instead I'm bringing you a quick summary of what's new in my jewelery box this month. I'm a bit of an accessories-phobe in general, so falling in love wth three pieces in one month isn't something that happens very often - until I discovered the site It Must Bijoux, that is. The site is filled with so many on-trend accesories (note those Dior-like earrings) and classic pieces that I'm sure everyone would love. But the best bit? The price. There's no dior price tags around here - no sir - as each of these pieces retail for around the €10-30 mark. Not bad, huh?

Pearl earrings from It Must Bijoux
Gold piercing ring from It Must Bijoux
Silver rings (two pack) from It Must Bijoux