I hate the internet - here's why

I hate the internet
I hate the internet

Okay, so maybe hate is a bit of a strong word considering I completely choose to sit online all day, but lately the internet has been completely screwing me over with the amount of Youtube videos and GIFs I can't stop watching. So here I am, at 2am on a Tuesday evening trying to cram in all of my work last minute because I realise I've spent most of today watching Netflix (finishing OITNB *cries*) and videos of goats back-flipping off of other goats. Yeah, apparently that's a thing. I need some serious help people, so let me know how you stay remotely focussed on the World Wide Web - cause I'm about one click away from my one millionth view of ladder goat (search for it, seriously.) HELP ME.

Neoprene polo neck from Front Row Shop
Faux leather skirt from Chicwish
Leopard slip-ons from Front Row Shop
Bag from H&M