How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated
How to stay motivated

From this day on I am going to (attempt to be) more organised. I hope. Yesterday Ollie and I picked up two new kitties (!!) so needless to say I've not really slept. This means that I stayed up for the majority of the night making as many lists as possible to get me back on track with the blog, house, new site (!!!!!!!), cats, boyfriend....and life in general. But first, I need me some organisational tips from you guys. So please, please leave them in the comments below - I'm desperate!


Now onto the reason you probably came here - the outfit! This is kind of business on top and all party on the bottom - or what I consider a crazy wild party, at least. The shorts remind me of something I'd wear to bed, so walking out of the house in something remenicent of pyjamas makes me one happy lady. I've also momentally hopped back into my heels with these flatforms from Shelleys London (who I'll be hosting a giveaway with very soon!) - and let me tell you, flat shoes that give you height? I am so in. Now please excuse me, as I have to go stop the cats from climbing up our curtains..

Layered blazer from KowTow via W Concept (similar here)
Black cami top from H&M (sold out but exact copy here)
Lace shorts from Hearts & Bows via Ark (or here)
Watch from Misfit - more on that soon!
Flatform shoes from Shelleys London (stay tuned for a giveaway!)