FIve things to ask yourself before you publish a blog post

5 things to ask yourself before you publish a blog post
5 things to ask yourself before you publish a blog post
5 things to ask yourself before you publish a blog post

The blogging world is more competitive than ever, which means getting your post out there and - dare I say it - noticed can sometimes be pretty tough. I find that posting often (5-7 times a week for me) and consistently works best for general traffic, but my most popular articles are the ones that have a purpose. Sure, sometimes the thinking bank can run dry and all I ever want to do is complain to the internet and show everyone my favourite Hummel trainers for the 53rd time, but why skimp out on something that's going to be on the WWW forever for the whole world to see? These are my five top tips that I (try) to check off every time I make a blog post.

Are there any errors? No one is perfect, but everyone has spell check. Whilst this doesn't always make everything 100% accurate, it definitely helps. Before you click publish, check over everything you've written to make sure at least the majority of it is grammatically correct. Failing that, ask a friend! Nothing detracts from a blog post more than careless writing. You're about to share your thoughts to the world, at least make it readable! (I've now probably made a typo myself after writing this).

Is there a point to the post? Even if it's an outfit you're looking to show off to your readers, make sure there's a reason you're posting it. Rambling on a blog post is difficult to not do - and I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to this - but always try to make sure there is a conclusion at the end of each article.

Is there visual stimulation? It's been proven (by someone, I'm not sure who) that most people only skim what they read on the internet, instead of fully digesting it from start to finish. To make sure people notice your posts first, include an eye-catching picture! It doesn't have to be taken on the most expensive camera in the world, and sometimes it doesn't even have to be your own (although check copyright before hand!) - it just needs to be something that suits the topic you're writing about.

How is the length of my post? This style of blog post is bound to be more lengthy - just like a DIY or 'how to' style article. But does every post have to be this long? Probably not. Sometimes a point can be made in just a few lines, sometimes it needs to be longer. Once you've finished writing your text, look at tip no.2 - if there isn't a point just yet, maybe you need to write more!

Am I proud of it? Being proud of a blog post doesn't mean you need to feel like it's the best post you've ever done, but it does mean you shouldn't really be nervous to post it. If you're worried about putting yourself out there on the internet (for personal or other reasons) then just give it time! Once you post something it's pretty much out in the open forever, so be sure you're ready!

Do you have any tips for blogging? Let me know!

Leather jacket from Warehouse
Sweater from Walk of Shame
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