Steve Madden BRYCEE Sliders

Steve Madden BRYCEE sliders

Oh, hello internet! It's been a while (well, more like two days but in cyber world that's basically forever). I have no real excuse this time - life has just gotten away with me! It's now 3am as I'm writing this post and I'm only half way through my work that's due in for tomorrow - my own fault really. For once I decided it was a good idea to have a lie in...and then sleep through my alarm. Oops. Now I guess I'm paying for it!

Today's post was meant to be an oh oh tee dee, but right now my Macbook is pretty much screaming at me as I'm trying to render a video, so I'm not sure it could take any Photoshop action tonight. Alas, these shoes probably do deserve their own post purely for how long it took me to get hold of them - and because of how gorgeous they are of course. As far as I'm aware, they're still in the sale right now, so if you want to make your feet very happy I'd suggest you head on over now. Oh, they're in black too..

BRYCEE White Mules from Steve Madden