Plaid trousers and the usual suspects

Plaid Trousers Leather Jacket
Plaid Trousers Leather Jacket

So weird to to say that it'll be December tomorrow, but the four year old in me (although, not literally cause that's kinda creepay) couldn't be more excited. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! When I was younger - ie. about three years ago - I would start my Christmas count down from around February, but since that's apparently not the 'norm' I've had to limit my excitement until around December. But as of tomorrow, it's Christmas music, candy canes, way too much tinsel and of course, some absolutely fantastic Christmas jumpers. Even the cats have one. No seriously, they love it.

Another thing to get excited about this week is the viewing of a potential new house. I say potential but in my head it's already ours, which probably isn't the greatest mind set considering I haven't even see the place yet. But I've done my internet-stalking and it couldn't be more perfect! Here's hoping that it's goodbye to the pine flooring (don't even get me started on goddamn pine flooring) and hello to black tiles and - wait for it - white walls! And if that wasn't enough for one weekend, Ollie and I did the whole Black Friday thing and came home with some insane deals and some expensive champagne for £10 a bottle. Glug glug. Let me know what you picked up in the sale in ze commentsss!

Leather jacket from Warehouse (similar here)
Black cami from H&M (sold out but amazing one here)
Tartan trousers from W Concept (another style here)
Trainers from Vans (also here)