Camoflage and Culottes

Camoflage and culottes
Camoflage and culottes

Well, I've really been pulling bits and pieces out from the old archives lately - first it was yesterday's look, and now I'm sporting a shirt that I haven't worn in quite possibly years. Let's face it, camo can be pretty tricky to wear unless you're a cool hardcore moshy sort of type - which by the way, I am not - but when you're an all black errythaaaang person even throwing in a bit of green can be daunting enough, let alone three different shades of the stuff. Thoughts?

Camoflage shirt from Laurence Dolige (cheaper here)
White tee from French Connection (similar here)
Black culottes from Forever 21 (identical option here)
Faux fur slip ons from Steve Madden (and here)