Blue jeans, white shirt

Blue jeans white shirt outfit
Blue jeans white shirt outfit

Excuse the not-overly-imaginative title, but right now my brain is focussing on one thing only - drugs. The anti-flu type, of course. I had my first flu of the year a few weeks over it quick, and here I am again, tucked up in bed with a mug of lemsip and surrounded by approximately forty eight thousand tissues. Oh the glamour! Needless to say, this picture was snapped a few days ago, right before the nose-running started. I recieved a pair of Closed denim jeans in the post the other day as a complete surprise, so thought I'd ditch my usual loose-fitting sweats and attempt to style up some classic navys. First skirts, now blue jeans - who am I? It must be the meds doing crazy things to my stuffy head. Speaking of which, needs a little bit of TLC right about now. Happy Friday!

Leather jacket from Warehouse (yup, again - similar here)
White shirt from Forever 21 Men (also here)
Blue jeans from Closed Denim (similar here)
Arizona sandals from Birkenstock (highstreet version here)