Blogging tips: Photography backgrounds

Blogging tips photography backgrounds
Blogging tips photography backgrounds

When it comes to dreamy interiors my desk space is about as good as it gets - and even that's filled with papers and empty coffee cups on a regular basis. So when it comes to taking pretty pictures for my blog I like to get a little creative and make an entire day of it. I mean, who really has a perfectly clean white floor to take flatlay pictures on? Not me. So instead I used a large piece of thick white card to chuck on the floor whenever I need it. Voila!

If you want something a little different than a plain background, collect a few pieces of wood and line them up as if they're wooden flooring of some sort (I know, I'm spilling all of my best kept secrets here). I literally just took apart an old wooden palette, added a few licks of paint on one side (so that I can still use them as plain wooden planks) and put them to the back of my wardrobe.

 But the best part comes in the form of props - aka things you probably already own in your day to day life. One of the cheapest things to use as a background is an open magazine. One magazine = countless background options! The next is going for flowers. Since I'm terrible at watering plants I tend to reserve cacti and fake flowers for photo taking time, but obviously this all depends on how much of a dedicated flower shower-er you are. Candles and random vases or pots are always great for filling space in a photo if your pics are looking a little bare.

Lately I've fallen in love with using kitchenware as backdrops - what a wild life I lead. The trays picture above come as a set and are from Dot Com Gift Shop - which is basically crack for anyone into home decor. If you haven't already noticed, I use them in basically every photo I take these days (proof is on Beauty Talk Daily) so to say they have a low cost per wear use is a complete understatement. And the plate? Don't even ask me how pricey that thing was. Who knew pretty crockery was so expensive?

White tray set from Dot Com Gift Shop
Fake flowers from Poundland (!)
Photoframe from Wilkinsons
Candle from Aromatherapy Associates
Plate from Uneeka Life
Blognotes book from Fashaves