(Almost) Underwear as Outerwear

Underwear as outerwear Fleur of England
Underwear as outerwear Fleur of England

Good evening from the comfort of my hotel room! Yesterday/today (who knows when) I literally ran from a University presentation, catching my flight to Manchester JUST in the nick of time. A bowling-filled - and cupcake fueled - even courtesy of Fragrance Direct and I'm ready to hit the sack, but first I thought I'd show you this little snap of my new leathers and the most beautiful bra in the world.

It's almost a running theme that I show off my intimates to you guys on a monthly basis. Sorry about that. I got so many questions about this bra after posting it on Instagram that I had to give it another fifteen minutes of fame. Basically, I'm bringing the under wear as outerwear back - but more of a winter addition. I'm hardly going to be walking around town with my boobs on show (not yet anyway) but pieces like this need flaunting. Amiright?!

Leather jacket from Warehouse (cheaper here)
White shirt from Uniqlo (similar here)
Red leather trousers from Front Row Shop (also here)
Heels from Boutique 9 (sold out but same here)
Boudoir caviar bra from Fleur of England (obsessed with this style too)