A mission to reduce my wardrobe

A mission to reduce my wardrobe
A mission to reduce my wardrobe

The title of this post may well confuse a few of you, because half of the time my outfits couldn't be more basic, but in actual fact I own so many clothes that they no longer fit in my house. And by that, I mean around one quarter of my wardrobe is at this place, and the rest sits in my old bedroom at my Mum's house. I ventured over there a few days ago and whilst I did find a few pieces I seriously missed and had to take home with me, the majority of it I wouldn't be caugt dead in these days. Floral bomber jackets? Yup, it happened.

So alas, my mission (call it my not-so-new-years resolution if you will) is to completely get my wardrobe back down to the essentials, which means a pretty intense blog sale is going to be happening at some time in the near future. I'd love to know your favourite places to sell things on (Depop? Tictail?!) because I'm hardly much of a retail master - unless we're talking about accumulating clothes, of course..

Black fedora from New Look (similar here)
Leather jacket from Warehouse (cheaper here)
White long sleeve from T by Alexander Wang (budget here)
Leather trousers from Blk Dnm (way cheaper here)
Max Thea from Nike (available here too)